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Members, when becoming part of Legos Pool Membership, members are granted with the option of winning bonuses and prizes based on their participation. We believe in the potential of our community therefore we have designed a collaborate system in which by acquiring a membership you can take part of and enjoy from discounts on high quality products and services. As discretion of Legos Pool Company any changes that may occur will be made without prior notice.

Get to know the LEGOS CARD


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Educational Plan

  • You earn by referral 3 USD
  • It has a free second round
  • Unlimited participation
  • It is not allowed to repeat itself in the same plan

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Commercial plan

  • You earn by referral 6 USD
  • It has a free second round
  • Unlimited participation
  • It is not allowed to repeat itself in the same plan

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Liberty Plan

  • You earn by referral 9 USD
  • It does not have a free second round
  • Unlimited participation
  • It is not allowed to repeat itself in the same plan


Take the advantages of being a member of Legos Pool Membership.
Use your LEGOS CARD and apply the discounts we grant you as a member of (LPM) in our store.

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Frequent questions

What is Legos Pool?
It is a company that offers as a product a discount card to buy products or services of high quality and innovation; based on cooperative solidarity to create a society based on economically stable references.
How Legos Pool works?
Our Company has a virtual store made up of products at affordable prices, in which the member can use their benefits that they are given when becoming a part of a plan. Legos Pool consists of three plans: Educational Plan, Commercial Plan, and Liberty Plan. Our Company has two reward systems; one that rewards each member according to the plan they have entered, when they have met their objective, and the other plan that rewards members when referring people also in accordance to the plan they have joined.
How to win in Pool Games?
When you activate in the company with one of the three programs or you are in all three at the same time, you win the prize for reaching the number 1; in the educational group, he earns 50 USD and by reference 3 USD; commercial group earns 200 USD and by reference 6 USD; and in the group Liberty 800 USD and by reference there is no commission.
I can register people outside the United States?
The company was created to cover the entire US territory and any part of the world where there is an Internet connection, respecting the standards and laws of each country.
What products does Legos Pool offer?
Its main product is a membership card and discounts, for use in products or services with affordable prices and high quality.
What are the benefits of being a Legos Pool member?
Next, we will mention the benefits:
Enter to be part of the new economy of the future (cooperative solidarity).
You get discounts on products and services without contracts, without schedules, without commitments.
Earn money without meeting a schedule and anywhere with just having an Internet connection.
It generates the opportunity to earn additional income for people who want to do the job of referring.
How much can be earned in Legos Pool?
If you decide to participate in Legos Pool programs, at least 50 USD can be withdrawn, thereafter the profit limit is established by each person.
What are the means of payment to be part of the Legos Pool programs?
The company has designed different payment solutions that include Epayco and Paypal.


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